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Did you know the site of our Solar Array is also a grassland bird sanctuary? A few years ago, the Town instituted a minimal lawn-mowing regime at the array in order to maintain a grassland habitat.

That habitat is now home to several Endangered, Threatened, Special Concern, and High Priority bird species including Northern Harrier, Grasshopper Sparrow, Eastern Meadowlark, and Bobolink. (For a detailed list of other bird species observed at the landfill/ Solar Array and surrounding habitats, please see Cornell’s eBird website:

Additionally, we have created and installed an educational kiosk across from the array site; the kiosk illustrates both the construction process and the myriad economic and environmental benefits of the solar array.

The kiosk* is conveniently located on the Erie Canal Trail directly across from the Solar Array. If you are walking or biking – or cross-country skiing in the winter months – on the canal trail, stop by and take a look! We designed the kiosk as a way for children (grown-ups, too!) to learn more about solar power and to support each of us to become informed, responsible stewards of both the environment and our DeWitt community.

To learn more about the Solar Array, go to:

*The Town of DeWitt Solar Array kiosk is located to the left, over the Cedar Bay Bridge at Cedar Bay Park, directly across the trail from the site of the Solar Array; it is several feet past the New York State kiosk featuring information about the Erie Canal.


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