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Department Description and Responsibilities
The Assessor’s office is responsible for setting and maintaining assessments, retaining and updating inventory records, processing and storing deeds on all transfers and administering exemptions on over 11,000 parcels. We also have “field books” which contain the history of each parcel from the early 60’s to today.

We receive copies of all permits issued by the department of Planning & Zoning. This permit information is recorded on our computers and field books and then reviewed; assessments and /or inventory is updated. Our Real Property Appraisal Aide does our field work, taking pictures of each property and updating our inventory cards. This information as well as sale information is one of the guidelines used for assessing.

Note : For Older or Disabled Residents

If you would prefer a family member or designated third party representative to receive your Exemption renewal forms in order to ensure you renew promptly each year, please contact the Assessor’s office at (315) 446-3910, ext. 8. A change of address form will be required. Once the change of address goes into effect, all Town of DeWitt mailings will then go to the designated representative or family member. Change of address forms can be downloaded from the Town website, or picked up in the Assessor's office.  

Assessor’s Responsibilities

  1. To determine and maintain all assessments, property inventory records, ownership information and exemptions on all properties in the town.
  2. Establish a taxable value for all property and enter these values on the Assessment roll each year. Some ways of determining the value for a residential property are: the sale price of the subject property and/or similar properties, construction cost of new homes, cost of renovations and additions. Replacement costs, rental information, operating and repair expenses are used to value commercial property.
  3. Assist taxpayers with completing exemption applications and renewals and determining their eligibility. Exemptions offered are Senior Citizen, Veterans, STAR, either enhanced or basic, Disability, Clergy, agricultural and wholly exempt.
  4. Assist business owners with applications for business exemptions (485B’s) and OCIDA exemptions. As with all exemptions, these must be submitted to our office by March 1st along with a copy of the pilot agreement. 
  5. Apportion the assessment on all special franchise properties and determine the assessment on all public service properties.
  6. Submit to New York State Office of Real Property Services an Annual Assessors Report reflecting all assessment changes from year to year including all new construction assessments, exemptions, Board of Review, Small Claims and Certiorari adjustments.
  7. Defending the assessments at Board of Review, Small Claims and Certiorari Hearings.

What Assessors Don't Do
Assessors do not raise or lower taxes. Assessors do not make the laws which affect property owners. The Assessor's Office has nothing to do with the total amount of taxes collected. The Assessors' primary responsibility is to find the full and fair value of your property so you only pay your fair share of the taxes. The tax rate is the basis for the budget needed or demanded by the voters to provide services such as schools, road maintenance, and public safety. The tax rates are simply those rates which will provide funds to pay for those services.

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