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The Highway Department staff, headed by Superintendent Rocco P. Conte, is a dedicated team that schedules and provides maintenance to the Town of DeWitt’s 124+ miles of road. They coordinate the yard debris pick-up and maintain the Town’s storm water drainage system. The Highway Department garage provides on-site maintenance and repairs for Town vehicles and equipment.

Overnight Parking
November 1st, through April 1st

Overnight parking (between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM) on streets and roadways is prohibited in the Town of DeWitt
from November 1st, through April 1st

This regulation is not weather dependent, or suspended during vacations. 
If cars are on the parked roadway during these times.  Please alert the Police Department to enforce these violations. 

Christmas Tree Collection

There is no set schedule 

The Town will collect Christmas trees during the month of January. 
Place your tree – no plastic bags, metal, lights, tinsel, stands, or ornaments – at the curb, and the highway department will pick them up. 
They will make many trips through the neighborhoods to pick them up. 

Wreath Disposal

 How can I dispose of a wreath? Take the wreath apart.  NO METAL in the GREENERY
You can put the greenery curbside with a Christmas tree or put it out in the spring with other lawn debris. 
The support structure can be disposed of in the trash or recycling depending upon what the material is.


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