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Meeting Information
Date: First Wednesday of Each Month   
Time: 6:30pm   
Location: DeWitt Town Hall, Meeting Room B   
Meetings are open to the public.       

Commission Members
Dennis Payne (Chair), Jonathan Kresge, Martha Lowe, Brian Solomon, Angela Weiler, Ann Stevens (Tree Committee), Olivia Green, Sonia Kragh, Gordon Heisler, Joe Chiarenza (Town Board Liaison)

Contact Information
Commission members can be contacted through the Planning & Zoning Department at (315) 446-3910 x 3 or

Powers and Duties of the Commission (from §8-5 of the DeWitt Town Code)

A. Advise the Town Board on matters affecting the preservation, development and use of the natural and man-made features and conditions of the Town of DeWitt insofar as beauty, quality, biologic integrity and other environmental factors are concerned and, in the case of man's activities and developments, with regard to any major threats posed to environmental quality, so as to enhance the long-range value of the environment to the people of the Town of DeWitt.

B. Develop and, after receiving general approval by resolution of the Town Board, conduct a program of public information in the community which shall be designed to foster increased understanding of the nature of environmental problems and issues and support for their solutions.

C. Conduct studies, surveys and inventories of the natural and man-made features within the Town of DeWitt and such other studies and surveys as may be necessary to carry out the general purposes of this article.

D. Maintain an up-to-date inventory or index of all open spaces in public or private ownership within the municipality, including but not limited to natural landmarks, glacial and other geomorphic or physiographic features, streams and their floodplains, swamps, marshlands and other wetlands, unique biotic communities and scenic and other open areas of natural or ecological value, and of the ownership, present use and proposed use of such open areas, so as to provide a base of information for recommendations by the Commission for their preservation and/or use.

E. Seek to coordinate, assist and unify the efforts of private groups, institutions and individuals within the Town of DeWitt in accordance with the purposes of this article.

F. Maintain liaison and communications with public and private agencies and organizations of local, state and national scope whose programs and activities have an impact on the quality of the environment or who can be of assistance to the Commission.

G. Advise the Town Board and Planning Board concerning features, plans and programs relating to environmental improvement for inclusion in the Master Plan of the Town of DeWitt and recommend to the Town Board appropriate and desirable local legislation relating to environmental control.

H. Carry out such duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Town Board of the Town of DeWitt.

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