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The Town of DeWitt is recognized as one of New York State’s most innovative and progressive townships.  DeWitt is a leader in implementing sustainable policies, government efficiencies, internal and external consolidations, new urbanism concepts, and smart growth principles; DeWitt has thrived in the last 15 years despite the Great Recession and CNY’s significant economic challenges.

If parks, trails, and greenspaces are “natural capital,” DeWitt enjoys a wealth of beautiful, natural spaces. Several parks, a robust trail system, greenspaces and access to the Erie Canalway and the Empire State Trail are all available within the Town of DeWitt, as is Clark’s Reservation. Numerous studies have shown that parks and greenspaces improve the standard of living and quality of life for surrounding neighborhoods, provide increased recreational opportunities and public health improvements, increase property values, and help maintain a strong tax base.

The Town of DeWitt sits in the heart of New York State between the Finger Lakes, the Adirondacks, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Bordered by the City of Syracuse in the west and the Town of Manlius in the east, it has been a desirable suburban community for more than 185 years. Though DeWitt’s population is 26,000, more than 45,000 non-residents come to DeWitt each day to work; DeWitt serves as an eastern suburban hub outside the City of Syracuse and appeals to individuals, families, and businesses looking for a vital, holistic, progressive community to live or locate their business.

Our vital and varied residential neighborhoods, outstanding town services, extensive parks and trails system, excellent schools, business-conducive climate, robust recreation programs, easy access to vital transportation routes – participation and leadership in progressive projects like Elevating Erie, the Widewaters Pond Project, Willis Carrier Park recreation facility, Inland Port, Shoppingtown Redevelopment, Zombie Homes Program, and the Town Solar Array – not only support the economic stability, security and well-being of DeWitt now, but are forging  the foundation of a thriving community for years to come.

“We’re building community” in DeWitt because we want to ensure our town remains a highly desirable place to live, learn, worship, work, shop, play and do business.

We’re building community.

The following information is from the 2010 Census:

Population: 25,838
0-14 years: 17.3%
15-24 years: 14.9%
25-39 years: 14.4%
40-59 years: 30.3%
60+ years: 23.1%
Average Family Size: 2.96
Housing Units: 10, 853 (95% Occupied)

School Information from the Nation Center for Education Statistics:
Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District
Schools: 5
Students: 2,842
Grades: Kindergarten - 12

East Syracuse Minoa Central School District
Schools: 7
Students: 3,573
Grades: Preschool - 12

Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District
Schools: 6
Students: 4,344
Grades: Kindergarten - 12

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