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Welcome to the Town’s Water Department

The Town’s Water System is a distribution system that delivers water purchased from OCWA and the City of Syracuse. On this website you can find information on the water you receive, where to call in an emergency, how to pay your bill along with links to our water suppliers.  Water Saving Tips

2022  Water Department News
Water Rates:
The Town of DeWitt is supplied water from OCWA and the City of Syracuse.
Recently, they both raised the rates they charge us for our water supply. Due to
these increases, it was necessary for the Town to raise the rate at which we charge
town residents and businesses. On September 13, 2021 the DeWitt Town Board
approved a water rate increase of 15%.
• Residential customers will see the rate increase on your
April 1, 2022 billing.
• Quarterly customers will see the rate increase beginning with the February
1, 2022 billing.
• Monthly billed accounts will see the rate increase as of the
December 1, 2021 bill.
With consideration for the new rates, the minimum bill for residential customers
who use 12,000 gallons of water or less, will be $60.08, up from the previous minimum of $52.25. Thank you.

COVID-19 Protocols: If you have an appointment for water repairs, please follow social distancing and mask guidelines. If you or anyone in your household does no feel well, please call the office. The appointment will be rescheduled.

ONLINE BILL pay is now available! Click here to pay your bill online. Water Department News

Sanitary Sewer
The sewer districts within the Town are maintained by Onondaga County Department of Water Environment Protection and can be serviced by calling (315) 435-3157.  This number is answered 24 hours a day.  Property owners are responsible for maintenance from the vent or clean out, to the building, and the Town is responsible from the vent or clean out, to the sewer main.

After hours or weekend  DRINKING WATER EMERGENCY'S : call (315) 437-8331

Contact the Town of DeWitt Highway Department for storm water drain issues.  315-437-8331

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