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With the exception of minor repairs, a permit is needed to upgrade, modify, or install any fixed or movable improvements or structures to real property. If you are unsure whether a permit is required, please contact the planning and zoning office. 

A Complete Application Includes

Permit Application Form
Current Survey
Signed Estimate
Proof of Disability Coverage (DB-120.1 or DB-155)
Proof of Workman’s Compensation (C-105.2, U-26.3, GSI-105.2, SI-12)
Plans / Drawings of Work to be Done


See Permit Specific Requirements Below
Accessory Structures Decks Demolition Detached Garages
Fences Fireworks Generators Driveways
Heat Producing Devices  New Residential Residential Additions Residential Remodels
Signs Pools  Commercial Alterations Telecom Towers

Certificate of Occupancy (C/O) or Compliance (C/C) recognizes that permitted building construction is in substantial compliance with approved plans and building and zoning codes.

A C/O is required for all new construction, alterations, repairs or conversions of structures for human occupancy. It is issued once the construction is complete and all supporting documents are presented to Planning & Zoning.

An Affidavit for C/O shall be filed by an owner, designer or contractor and a final inspection will be conducted. If all work including cleanup and groundcover is completed, a C/O may be issued.

Certificate of Compliance (C/C)  recognizes compliance with applicable codes pertaining to structures and other improvements to property as well as buildings for other than human occupancy. Such improvements include but are not limited to swimming pools, fences, additions, alterations, conversions, sheds, garages or fireplaces – to name a few.  An Affidavit for C/O shall be filed by an owner, designer or contractor and a final inspection will be conducted. 

On occasion, it may be necessary to issue a TEMPORARY C/O that signifies the structure is substantially complete and safe for occupancy.  Deadlines for the completion of outstanding work will be specified in cooperation with the owner and contractor.

NOTE: Contact the electrical and plumbing inspection agencies directly to apply and obtain inspections.
Electrical Inspections
Plumbing Inspections

Construction Inspections
All phases of construction must be inspected by the Town of DeWitt, a Town authorized agency for electrical work, and Onondaga County for plumbing work, at such times as will allow observation of building components or systems. Consequently, it is CRUCIAL that you CALL the Planning & Zoning office for construction inspections AT LEAST 24 HOURS in ADVANCE.

A Development Permit must be DISPLAYED on the job site. 

Fire Safety Inspections

Places of public assembly with an occupant load of over fifty (50) persons are inspected annually according to New York State law.
Multiple dwellings and all nonresidential occupancies are inspected at intervals consistent with local conditions.
Inspections shall be conducted in response to a bona fide complaint relative to the New York State Fire Code.


Codes Enforcement Team 
(315) 446-3910 x 3

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