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Department Description and Responsibilities
The Comptroller is responsible to account for and issue reports on the financial activity of the governmental functions of the Town.

The Town maintains the following governmental funds:
General Fund accounts for Town operations in the General Town including the Village of East Syracuse. The governmental functions are the Town Board, Justice Court, Supervisor, Comptroller, Tax Collection, Assessor, Town Clerk, Attorney, Engineer, Elections, Public Safety, Dog Control, Highway Garage, Parks, Libraries, Historian and Sanitary Landfill.

Special Revenue Funds account for the financial activity of Part Town (Town operations outside the Village of East Syracuse), Highway, and Special Districts. Part Town functions are Recreation, Code Enforcement, and Conservation. The functions of the Highway department are the maintenance of approximately 120 miles of town roads, drainage and  pick-up and disposal of brush. Special District funds include Street Lighting, Water, Sewer, Drainage, Refuse, and Fire Protection.

Capital Projects Funds are used to account for the financial resources to be used for the acquisition or construction of capital facilities and other capital outlays.

General Fixed Assets and General Long Term Debt Account Groups are used to establish accounting control and accountability for fixed assets and general long term obligations of the Town.

The Comptroller’s office has been assigned the responsibility of managing the activities of a Human Resource department including but not limited to payroll administration, retirement, flexible spending accounts and insurances such as  workers’ compensation, health, dental, vision, life, disability, and unemployment.

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