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Trees can add up to 15% to your property value! They are also beautiful, muffle noise, provide privacy, cool your community, slow rainfall and runoff, are healthy to the body and soul, provide homes for birds, and improve air quality! The Town provides a limited number of trees to residents for right of ways. On most Town streets, it is the area on your lawn where the infrastructure is found (utility poles, street signs, fire hydrants, etc).


If you are interested in a *free street tree, or would like more information about choosing the right tree for your property, please contact Nicholas Quilty-Koval at (315) 446-3910 x 137 or*Free street trees are currently available for residential properties only.) 

Helpful hints if you are looking to plant a street tree:
  1. Trees approved by the Town of DeWitt
  2. Allow at least 5 feet between the street pavement and your property line.
  3. When planting under utility lines, plant trees that are smaller than 30’ in height at maturity.
  4. Consider how much the canopy will spread at maturity.
  5. Consider if fruit bearing (i.e. mess on sidewalks).
  6. Do not block drivers’ visibility. (Pines and spruces are not great street trees due to shape.)
  7. Consider conditions like sun, soil, salt, and moisture tolerances.
  8. Call DigSafely New York BEFORE digging--dial 811.
  9. Reference Town Codes-Chapter 175: Trees.

Example of street trees typically available.

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