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With the exception of minor repairs--a permit is needed to upgrade, modify, or install any fixed or movable improvements or structures to real property or to alter the land. This is to verify compliance with the Building Codes of the Town as well as New York State. The application typically requires a minimum of five (5) business days to process.

See the list of permit packets below for more detailed information. For additional guidance contact the Planning & Zoning Department at (315) 446-3910 x 3 or

Workers Compensation Information
ACORD forms are NOT acceptable proof of NYS workers’ compensation. Under Worker’s Compensation Law (WCL), Section 57, businesses requesting permits, licenses or seeking to enter contracts must provide ONE of the forms listed below. Visit the NYW Workers' Compensation Board website for more information.

Acceptable Forms                 
-Insured (C-105.2 or U-26.3), Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance OR State Insurance Fund’s version of the C-105.2 form 
-Self-insured (SI-12) Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance (the Board's Self- Insurance Office: 518-402-0247)
-Exempt (CE-200) (If there are NO employees) Certificate of Attestation of Exemption From New York State Workers’ Compensation and/or Disability Benefits Insurance Coverage 
-Owner-Occupied Residence (BP-1) (if homeowner is performing the work)


Additional Information 
Dig Safely NY | Dial 811 (underground facilities protection)  

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Permit Packets20 documents

  • Accessory Structure (shed)
    document Header Accessory Structure (shed)
    See section 192-98 of Town Codes for more information.
  • Commercial Interior Remodel
    document Header Commercial Interior Remodel
  • Deck / Handicap Ramp
    document Header Deck / Handicap Ramp
    For use when adding, building or expanding a deck.
  • Demolition
    document Header Demolition
    See packet for specific codes and laws.
  • Detached Structure (garage)
    document Header Detached Structure (garage)
    See section 192-98 of Town Codes for more information.
  • Fence (install, replace or expand)
    document Header Fence (install, replace or expand)
    See sections 192-94 and 192-95 of Town Codes for more information.
  • Fireworks
    document Header Fireworks
  • Flood Hazard Area Development
    document Header Flood Hazard Area Development
  • Generator
    document Header Generator
    For residential buildings.
  • Grading or Filling
    document Header Grading or Filling
    See chapter 86 and section 192-107 of Town Codes for more information.
  • Heat Producing Devices
    document Header Heat Producing Devices
    Installing or replacing a heating unit, woodstove, gas or wood fireplace, fireplace inserts, gas units, kerosene or oil fired stove, pellet stove, corn stove, etc.
  • New Commercial, Industrial & Multi-Family Dwelling
    document Header New Commercial, Industrial & Multi-Family Dwelling
    Includes additions and exterior alterations. Requires Site Plan Review and approval from the Planning Board.
  • New Residential Dwelling
    document Header New Residential Dwelling
  • Residential Addition
    document Header Residential Addition
    Erect, add onto, relocate, repair or make a structural change to a building or property.
  • Residential Remodeling
    document Header Residential Remodeling
    Install, relocate or remove interior load bearing walls; enlarge, decrease or otherwise modify locations of doors/windows; repair fire damage; changing use (i.e. basement to living space).
  • Signs
    document Header Signs
    Install or replace. See section 192-106 of Town Codes for more information.
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems
    document Header Solar Photovoltaic Systems
    See chapter 80 of Town Codes for more information.
  • Swimming Pool
    document Header Swimming Pool
    Any type of pool with a sidewall height of 24" or higher.
  • Telecommunication Towers
    document Header Telecommunication Towers
    New towers, increase in height, addition. Requires Site Plan Review from the Planning Board.

Deck Specifications to useNo documents

Additional Resources4 documents

  • Additional Information for Sign Permits
    document Header Additional Information for Sign Permits
  • Deck Handrail Information
    document Header Deck Handrail Information
  • Fee Schedule
    document Header Fee Schedule
  • General Job Application
    document Header General Job Application
    Blank Application

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