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Construction Inspections
All phases of construction must be inspected by the Town of DeWitt, a Town authorized agency for electrical work, and Onondaga County for plumbing work, at such times as will allow observation of building components or systems. Consequently, it is CRUCIAL that you CALL the Planning & Zoning office for construction inspections AT LEAST 24 HOURS in ADVANCE.

NOTE: Contact the electrical and plumbing inspection agencies directly to apply and obtain inspections. 

Town Approved Electrical Inspection Agencies
Plumbing Control, Onondaga County  OR (315) 435-6614

Inspections proceed with a foundation inspection once a DEVELOPMENT PERMIT has been issued. A FOUNDATION SURVEY is then obtained and, if conforming to plans, then full DEVELOPMENT PERMISSION is given. Inspections will be conducted under New York State Building Codes and other applicable rules.

Up to seven inspections may be required based on the extent of construction work, including:

            1. footer preparation
            2. foundation walls
            3. rough framing and mechanicals
            4. HVAC
            5. insulation
            6. fire safety systems
            7. final Certificate of Occupancy inspection

A Development Permit must be DISPLAYED on the job site. 

Fire Safety Inspections

  • Places of public assembly with an occupant load over fifty (50) persons are inspected annually according to New York State law.
  • Multiple dwellings and all nonresidential occupancies are inspected at intervals consistent with local conditions.
  • Inspections shall be conducted in response to a bona fide complaint relative to the New York State Fire Code.

Property Maintenance Inspections

  • Inspections of premises will be undertaken upon receiving a bona fide complaint.  
  • Violations will be cited under the Property Maintenance Code of New York State.

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