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Based upon the recommendations set forth in the Town of DeWitt Comprehensive Plan adopted in April of 2017, the Town of DeWitt Planning Board has developed a DRAFT Zoning Update that would revise the framework for allowing mixed-use development within the Town. The proposed update would create an optional overlay where projects could be developed employing a mixed-use model. Mixed-use development is characterized as pedestrian-friendly development that blends two or more residential, commercial, cultural, or institutional uses into one project. 

The Mixed-Used Village Overlay Zoning Update is comprised of a set of design guidelines and specific Town Code updates which are intended to set the framework for establishing  attractive, livable, and pedestrian-friendly “Village Center” districts with a mix of uses. As outlined in the specific Overlay District objectives (192-64.4 A), development goals aim to reduce expansive pavement areas, creatively reclaim aging structures, and appeal to DeWitt residents looking for greater options in living, shopping, and transportation methods, while capitalizing on the innate values of DeWitt’s existing natural features and expanding greenway connections.

The targeted areas of the Mixed-Use Village Overlay are predominantly focused on existing commercialized areas of the Town, such as the East Genesee Street/Erie Boulevard corridor, the Thompson Road/James Street corridor, and the New Court Ave corridor. These important commercial arteries, which are surrounded by residential districts, are well-situated for the type of development anticipated under the Mixed-Use Village Overlay zoning updates. Refer to the links below for maps outlining the specific limits of each Overlay area, as well as proposed changes to the Town Codes incorporating the mixed use overlay.

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