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Garbage only includes typical household trash. It does not include bulk items, construction/demolition debris or any potentially toxic, medical, or radioactive waste. Blue Bins are provided FREE to residential customers for convenient placement of unlimited recyclables.

Garbage Pick Up Information
Butler Disposal is the current refuse collector for the Town of DeWitt. To contact Butler Disposal call (315) 342-0832 or (800) 794-8727 or visit

Collection Days & Delays
Garbage and recycling are picked up weekly, Tuesday-Friday.

Typically, if the following Holidays fall on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, refuse collection scheduled for that day and the rest of the week will be delayed 1 day:

  • 4th of July
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Years

Holidays that fall on a Monday do not affect the pick up schedule. 

Levels of Service
Level of Service should be determined by each household’s weekly volume of garbage.  Service rates include Town yard waste and brush collection. To change your level or service, visit the Planning & Zoning office at the DeWitt Town Hall. All changes must be made on or before September 15 to be effective for the following year. New homeowners will retain the level of service from the previous owner until they submit changes to the Planning & Zoning office. 

  1. Self Service $60.00/year
    • Household delivers garbage and recyclables to OCRRA transfer station and pays for the same. Ten OCRRA stickers from the Town solid waste program are provided. Additional self-serve stickers can be purchased directly from OCRRA.
  2. Curbside Service
    • Single Service $107.50/year
      • A household may put curbside one (1) thirty-two gallon bag or container of garbage each week along with unlimited recyclables.
    • General Service $250.00/year
      • Up to three (3) 32 gallon bags or one (1) 96 gallon container of garbage may be put out each week along with unlimited recyclables.
    • Full Service $385.00/year
      • Unlimited garbage and unlimited recyclables.
  3. Off-Curb Service (pick up at your door – but not inside a building)
    • Single $262.50/year
    • General $570.50/year
    • Full $787.50/year
Additional Services
You may order additional products including Toter Rental, additional stickers, and disposal of bulk items. Contact Butler Disposal for pricing, billing arrangements, and to schedule a pick-up. 

  1. Toter Rental $56/year
  2. Extra Bag Sticker $1.50/each
  3. Bulk Item Disposal
    • Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Freezer, Dehumidifier $90/each
    • Bathroom Fixture (toilet, sink, tub) $50/each
    • Tire $8/each
    • Rugs (cut up in approximately 3'x5' rolls)
      • Rug and Pad Size 10'x12' $35/each
      • Rug and Pad Size 10'x20' $45/each
    • Couch, Stuffed Chair, Small Cabinet or Dresser, Box Spring, Mattress $35/each
    • Sofa Bed $45/each

Call Butler Disposal first at (315) 342-0832 or (800) 794-8727
If complaint is still unresolved, call the Town Clerk's office at (315) 446-3910 x 2

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