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Delaney Green Space
This 21.4-acre parcel of undeveloped “open space” donated to the town by Dr. William Delaney in 2002 is located on the south side of Kirkville Road at its intersection with Girden Road. Currently, there are no plans to develop this land. The parcel contains some wetland areas and Butternut Creek meanders through it on the southwest corner. The area supports various species of plant and wildlife.

Richards Green Space
Richards Green Space is a 28-acre undeveloped parcel donated to the town in 1969 by John Milson Richards and expanded by a donation in 1996 from Dr. John Holmes and Mr. William Myers. It is located north of Andrews Road. The park features the Butternut Canal Feeder, former bed of Butternut Creek, and areas providing opportunities for observation of a variety of wildlife and vegetation. No defined trails exist in this area. Individuals may access the area and walk along the Canal Feeder, taking advantage of the opportunities for nature observation.

Wiesner Green Space
This 6.23-acre parcel is located off of Quintard Road between Westerly Terrace and Hamilton Parkway. It was donated in 2002 by Mary Wiesner. Currently, this land is undeveloped. Future plans include making the area accessible to the public as a neighborhood park with a walking trail.

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