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The sewer districts within the Town are maintained by Onondaga County Department of Water Environment Protection and can be serviced by calling (315) 435-3157.  This number is answered 24 hours a day.  Property owners are responsible for maintenance from the vent or clean out, to the building, and the Town is responsible from the vent or clean out, to the sewer main.  

Storm Water drainage and Sanitary Water (sewer) are two separate systems. Public storm drainage systems include underground storm-water pipes, catch basins, yard inlets and outlets, drainage ditches, and some holding ponds. The Highway Department is responsible for installation and maintenance of the public storm water drainage system in the Town.

Please contact the Highway Department at (315) 437-8331 to report issues with a catch basin or other storm water area.

Storm drainage systems are cleared of obstructions on a regular basis with critical areas inspected and cleared before and after major storms.

To find out if your property is part of a storm water drainage system, check your survey or deed for a drawing with the term drainage easement or drainage right-of-way*. Home owners are urged to check their property surveys before adding fences or plants to insure that the easement or a right-of-way is readily accessible. The Town is not responsible for replacement of buildings or plantings that are hindering the maintenance of a drainage area.

Every property owner can help maintain an efficient drainage system:      

  • when mowing: discharge material away from the street
  • when using a blower: blow materials away from the street
  • do not put anything into a catch basin:  they are designed for storm water only
  • remove accumulated materials from the grate (top) of catch basin

It is important to note that an easement and a Right of Way are different:  

  • Easement – An easement is a piece of land conveyed to the Town by the owner for the construction and maintenance of public utilities and drainage on private land. Easements allows for the right of public municipalities and private utilities to enter upon, over, across and under public and private lands to perform the necessary work to install and/or repair utilities and to maintain drainage facilities. Easements must be properly recorded with Onondaga County, dedicated to the Town of DeWitt or other utility entity and shown on the property’s land survey. Easements are not conveyed in fee and remain the property of the owner. 
  • Right of Way – An area of land that runs along a Town of DeWitt, Onondaga County or New York State roadway or highway. All work and/or alteration within the right of way shall receive a license agreement from the Town of DeWitt for town roadways or from Onondaga County and New York State.

Contact the Highway department or Planning and Zoning office for assistance with questions or concerns regarding an easement or ROW.

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