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The department’s top priority is reacting to the prevailing weather conditions in order to maintain public safety on 124+ miles of Town road. Plowing, sanding, and salting are the backbone of our program, and coupled with experienced drivers, the residents of DeWitt are seldom “snow bound”. It takes an average of 4 hours to make one full pass through the Town. This first pass is typically completed before school buses need to be in neighborhoods and before the morning commute. (School personnel and Highway personnel are in constant communication to ensure the safety of everyone involved in school transportation.)

It is a fact that when a plow pushes snow it creates a windrow at the edge of its path. Snow gets put in all the driveways, and it is impossible for the town to retrace a route and clear these windrows. When the snow banks get too high and reduce visibility, they are cut back, or hauled away. As a courtesy to the residents, the Highway Department will repair damage caused by snow removal operations. This includes lawns and possibly the mailbox. Please contact the Highway Department at (315) 437-8331 to report any damage. The area will be examined and scheduled for repair as soon as is practical.

We cannot prevent the snow from collecting at the end of your driveway, but there are several ways property owners can work with the Town to minimize the inconvenience of snow removal:

  • Do not leave garbage cans or recycling bins in the path of the snow plow.  Keep them in your driveway, well back from the road. 
  • Stake the edge(s) of your lawn.  
  • Mailboxes and posts are replaced only if hit by snowplow equipment, so check your mailbox, newspaper box and the supporting posts in the fall:  perform the “shake test”.  If the post is already “shaky”, chances are the post is unstable in the ground, and will not withstand the pressure of flying snow.  Check your mailbox for loose or missing parts.  Replacement mailboxes are standard black or white metal boxes, installed on a 4x4 post.  The Town is not responsible for replacing designer boxes, posts or any style of newspaper box.  (if you have such a box, you may want to consider removing it for the winter months and replacing it with a standard box) Boxes need to be installed per US Post Office regulations.
  • If you utilize the services of a private snow removal service, make sure you and your contractor are in agreement with the needs of your household. We cannot coordinate town wide snow removal with private snow plow contractors.  (remember that it is illegal to move snow across a public road or deposit snow on property that is not your own without permission)
  • There is no overnight parking on any DeWitt streets from November 1 to April 1.  Should you encounter “getting stuck“ during the night, or need to abandon your vehicle for mechanical reasons, remember to contact 911 to alert local Police of the vehicles location.  
  • Drive carefully:  allow extra time and distance for stopping. 
  • Be considerate of snow removal equipment:  Allow as much room as possible.    
  • Educate your children to the dangers of making tunnels and playing on or near roadside snow banks.

Town of DeWitt Snow Removal Laws

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