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Brush and Yard Waste
The Town Highway Department collects yard and brush debris once each month from April through October. Yard and brush waste is the “woody” natural material from your property including: cut pieces of trees, limbs and brush. This service is intended to provide homeowners an appropriate way to dispose of green waste, it is not intended to supplement or compete with private contractors.

Brush Schedule 2021
The Town does not collect construction debris, dirt, rocks, sod, stumps or grass clippings
Please do not put it out until your week. (Sunday)
A crew will be out in the areas listed below.  They will do the best that they can during your assigned week
Thank you for your understanding.

Area 1 Schedule:
Week beginning April 4th
Week beginning May 2nd
Week beginning May 30
Week beginning July 4th
Week beginning August 1st
Week beginning August 29th
Week beginning October 3rd

 Area 2 Schedule:
Week beginning April 11th
Week beginning May 9th
Week beginning June 6th
Week beginning July 11th
Week beginning August 8th
Week beginning September 5th
Week beginning October 10th

Area 3 Schedule:
Week beginning April 18th
Week beginning May 16th
Week beginning June 13th
Week beginning July 18th
Week beginning August 15th
Week beginning September 12th
Week beginning October 17th

Area 4 Schedule:
Week beginning April 25th
Week beginning May 23rd
Week beginning June 20st
Week beginning July 25th
Week beginning August 22nd
Week beginning September 19th
Week beginning October 24th

The collected waste is taken to the OCRRA facility in Jamesville where it is ground and mixed into mulch and compost.  Each area will be picked up during the identified week of each month. Yard Waste Information and Map

For alphabetical listing of streets in a given area, access these links:

Area 1    Area 2    Area 3     Area 4

The Town provides services to pickup fallen leaves in November and December; weather permitting. This assists residents with appropriate disposal of the leaves, and keeps the leaves out of the storm water system. The Highway crews use vacuum trucks and sweepers to collect the leaves once the bulk of leaves has fallen. There is no set schedule for leaf pick up. 

When placing leaves for pick up:

  • DO place leaves at the edge of your property, NOT on the pavement or in the gutters.
  • DO NOT mix sticks or other debris in the leaf piles, as these can cause damage to our equipment and/or employees. Mixed piles will not be collected.
  • DO NOT place leaves in cardboard boxes, paper bags or plastic bags. Bagged and boxed leaves will not be collected.
  • DO NOT place leaf piles behind obstacles such as trees, cars, mailboxes, hydrants, poles, etc.
  • For safety reasons, please DO NOT allow your children to play in piles of leaves by the road.

Download or Print Leaf Collection Policy

Christmas Tree Collection

There is no set schedule 

The Town will collect Christmas trees during the month of January. 
Place your tree – no plastic bags, metal, lights, tinsel, stands, or ornaments – at the curb, and the highway department will pick them up.  

Wreath Disposal

 How can I dispose of a wreath? Take the wreath apart.  NO METAL in the GREENERY
You can put the greenery curbside with a Christmas tree or put it out in the spring with other lawn debris. 
The support structure can be disposed of in the trash or recycling depending upon what the material is

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