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The mission of the DeWitt Planning Board is to provide sound planning decisions and advice on matters entrusted to it by New York State Law and the DeWitt Code including site plan review, subdivision review, zoning advice to the Town Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, and all matters referred to it.


Meeting Dates:  

Regular meetings 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month (7:00 PM), except as noted.
Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Schedule

Planning Board Work Sessions take place the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month (7:30 am, DeWitt Town Hall, Meeting Room B)


Do I need to apply to the Planning Board? 

All alterations, modifications or improvements to properties other than single and two family residences require the submission of a Site Plan Review Application (SPR) and the approval of the Planning Board prior to the issuance of a Development Permit. Please contact the Planning & Zoning office at (315) 446-3910 x 3.


If you want to SUBDIVIDE your land or sell or lease a part of your land or otherwise wish to exchange or give a part of your land to another person including a family member, then you will need to have a subdivision plan prepared by a New York State licensed surveyor or engineer and file Subdivision Application materials. 


When can an application be submitted? 

Applications must be submitted no later than two Mondays (10 days) prior to the regularly scheduled meeting.


What is a “complete” application? 

A complete application consists of: (SPR) Site Plan Review Application review:

For Subdivision Application:

  • Current survey;
  • Preliminary subdivision and stormwater plans;                  
  • Subdivision Application Rev. 5/17;
  • Fees ; and
  • Environmental Assessment Forms - SEQRA - Short EAF
                                                                         Long EAF

Planning Board Policies and Procedures

The Planning Board has established policies and procedures to both insure consistency and assist applicants. View/download documents using the links below. 

Planning Board Concept Review Checklist

Planning Board Site Plan Review Checklist

Planning Board Electronic Mail Policy
Planning Board Fabric Shed Policy
Planning Board Flagpole Policy
Planning Board Miscellaneous Procedures and Policies
Planning Board Pole Style Building Policy
Planning Board Schick Design Awards Policy
Planning Board Signs - Related Parties - Policy
Planning Board Tent Sales Policy
Planning Board Used Car Sales Policy
Planning Board Voting at Agenda and Work Session Meetings
Project Notice Sign


Public Notice of Meeting
Copies of the approved Minutes of the DeWitt Zoning Board of Appeals and the DeWitt Planning Board are provided at this site as a public service.  Please be advised that the DeWitt Town Clerk's Office is the official Records Management Officer for the Town and responsible for the custody, storage and disposition of  ZBA and Planning Board Minutes.

Planning Board Agenda

Planning Board Minutes

For SPR: The Planning Board Clerk distributes agendas to established homeowners associations and posts the agenda at the Town Hall. 

For a subdivision: The Town Clerk will publish notice in the official paper of the Town, The Syracuse Post Standard or the DeWitt Times, within ten days of the scheduled meeting and send letters to all property owners within 300 feet of the subject property.

How to communicate with the Planning Board:
The best way to communicate your thoughts to the Planning Board is to speak at a public meeting and/or write a letter to the Chairman at:

Chairman – Planning Board
C/O Planning & Zoning

Town of DeWitt
5400 Butternut Drive
East Syracuse, NY 13057 .

County Planning Agency review of certain matters:
The Syracuse-Onondaga County Planning Agency (SOCPA)  is required by New York State General Municipal Law, Section 239 l and m, to review certain applications that come before the Planning Board prior to a decision being made. Such matters are referred to the county by the Planning & Zoning office. As an applicant, you are NOT REQUIRED to prepare these materials. Occasionally, meeting schedules of the County and Planning Board do not coincide which may result in a delay of a decision by the Planning Board until the County’s recommendation is received. You will be notified if a delay is expected.

How are decisions made?
Following full discussion and review of an applicant’s plans, the Planning Board will take action to approve, modify or deny the proposal. A simple majority of the full membership is necessary to pass a resolution.

To obtain a copy of a decision:
Decisions of the Planning Board are filed in the Town Clerk’s Office and can generally be obtained within three weeks of a decision.

Can the decision of the Board be appealed?
A decision of the Board may be appealed to a court of competent jurisdiction – typically the New York State Supreme Court.


Peter Webber, Chairman

Leif Kallquist, Vice Chair 

Douglas Arena

Nathan Brown

Kathleen Kotz

Joseph Mueller

Seven Schroeder

Michael Lazar, Alternate

Attorney: Jamie Sutphen (315) 477-0100
Planning Board Engineer: O'Brien & Gere (315) 956-6100
Town Board Consulting Engineer: Miller Engineers (315) 682-0028 x 801
Planner:  Stephanie Guereschi      (315) 446-3910 x 152                

Forms, Links and Brochures:
Citizens Guide to the DeWitt Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals       
DeWitt Town Code
Requirements for filing a subdivision map - Onondaga County



Samuel C. Gordon, MLA 
Director of Planning and Zoning

(315) 446-3910 x 148

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